Feasibility analysis and concept planning

Market Ventures, Inc. conducts feasibility analysis and concept planning for public markets, farmers’ markets, shared commercial kitchens, and other innovative economic development projects. Since no two projects are alike, the creative process of creating a successful development concept must be carefully linked to the analytic process of testing feasibility. MVI takes an iterative approach, with market research findings blending with project goals, national experience, site and design opportunities, and economic analysis to create development concepts that meet the client’s financial and programmatic goals.

Food systems planning

Building on its extensive experience with alternative local food systems, Market Ventures, Inc. assists clients with food systems planning projects, particularly with developing business-oriented strategies that can increase sales for regional farmers and increase the supply and demand of locally grown foods.


Utilizing its analytic and research capabilities, Market Ventures, Inc. conducts program evaluations, with particular focus on collaborations in the food sector. The firm utilizes both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Business planning

Market Ventures’ business planning activities include a variety of activities, including strategic marketing plans, redevelopment concepts, pro forma analysis, and impact assessment.

Market research

Most Market Ventures, Inc. projects include market research components, including secondary and primary research methodologies. MVI has developed expertise in online and intercept surveys within the public market context and has created a database of information that permits comparisons between public markets around the country. The firm is experienced with both quantitative analyses using large datasets and qualitative research methods including focus groups and directed interviews.

Development and operations

Market Ventures, Inc. has extensive experience in the development and operations of public markets as well as the food stores within public markets. This experience extends from weekly, open-air markets to daily, indoor market halls. Experience with vendor operations gives the firm insights into the challenges and opportunities for creating successful businesses within the public market environment.


Market Ventures, Inc. develops and leads training programs for market vendors and managers. Vendor workshop sessions cover topics that are critical for vendor success, including merchandising, competitive advantages/disadvantages of public market vendors, customer service and sales techniques, product quality and safety, employee preparation and training, vendor marketing, media relations, and developing a community of vendors. MVI also provides one-on-one training with individual vendors, offering concrete suggestions for product selection, merchandising, marketing, and other issues for which they need assistance.