Market Ventures, Inc. develops and leads training programs for market vendors and managers. Vendor workshop sessions cover topics that are critical for vendor success, including merchandising, competitive advantages/disadvantages of public market vendors, customer service and sales techniques, product quality and safety, employee preparation and training, vendor marketing, media relations, and developing a community of vendors. MVI also provides one-on-one training with individual vendors, offering concrete suggestions for product selection, merchandising, marketing, and other issues for which they need assistance.


Grand Rapids Downtown Market,
Grand Rapids, Michigan (2011)


Market Ventures, Inc. designed and implemented an eight month training program for the new nonprofit Grand Rapids Downtown Market, Inc. board of directors to familiarize the members with all aspects of developing and operating a new public market.

Milwaukee Public Market District,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1999-2002, 2005)
Market Ventures, Inc. developed vendor training workshops prior to the Milwaukee Public Market’s opening in October 2005, helping to ensure that the vendors were prepared for the anticipated large volumes they would encounter during the grand opening. Half-day sessions were repeated over several days to provide opportunities for the 20 vendors to participate in sessions that covered a range of topics, including merchandising, customer service, employee training, and marketing.

Farm to Market, Inc.,
Portland, Maine (2000-2001)

MVI developed and implemented an extensive employee training program to train sales associates for their duties within the Portland Public Market.

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