Market research
Most Market Ventures, Inc. projects include market research components, including primary and secondary research methodologies. MVI has developed expertise in intercept surveys within the public market context and has created a database of information that permits comparisons between public markets around the country. The firm is experienced with both quantitative analyses using large datasets and qualitative research methods including focus groups and directed interviews.

Peaked Mountain Farm,
Dedham, Maine (2006)

Market Ventures, Inc., in partnership with Karp Resources, conducted a market feasibility study for Peaked Mountain Farm in support of its USDA-funded Value-added Maine Wild Blueberry Products project. Specifically, the team analyzed the sales potential for the farm’s wild Maine blueberry dog treats in New England and New York utilizing both primary and secondary research methods. Secondary research included an overview of trends in the US pet food industry, identification of potential sales channels, quantification of the size of the market and growth trends, identification of competitors, and discovery of relevant research about customer profiles. The team then conducted primary research, randomly identifying potential customers throughout the region and conducting telephone interviews after they had received a complimentary case of the product.

lexington1 Lexington Market,
Baltimore, Maryland (2003-2004)

lexington-marketThe West Side of downtown Baltimore is changing rapidly, with the expansion of the University of Maryland, new housing, and renewed cultural institutions. At the center of this district, Lexington Market has served Baltimore residents for over 200 years. Lexington Market, Inc. retained Market Ventures, Inc. to help it adapt to the area’s revitalization by better serving new downtown residents and positioning it for future growth, while maintaining its core of low income shoppers. Market Ventures’ work included focus group research of downtown workers and residents, survey analysis, research into best practices at comparable public markets nationwide, and lease review.

With Hugh A. Boyd Architects, Market Ventures also created a new design and development concept for the West Market, a 20,000 sq. ft. building adjacent to the main Market hall, which will expand the range of product offerings and reaffirm the Market’s role as the premier fresh food venue in Baltimore.

Building Louisville’s Local Food Economy,
Louisville, Kentucky (2007-2008)

Market Ventures, Inc., in partnership with Karp Resources, helped the City of Louisville to develop strategies for increasing Kentucky farm income Lville-fm-producethrough expanded sales of Kentucky-grown products in the city. As part of their demand analysis, the consultant team identified and quantified Louisville’s existing food economy, including stores, restaurants, farmers’ markets and CSAs, retail food processors and manufacturers, institutional food service operators, distributors, and emergency feeding sectors. The supply analysis explored the present status of the region’s agriculture and agricultural initiatives, including review of statistical data and primary research that included focus groups with 90 farmers from 13 neighboring counties and 65 key informant interviews.

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