Food systems planning

Building on its extensive experience with alternative local food systems, Market Ventures, Inc. assists clients with food systems planning projects, particularly with developing business-oriented strategies that can increase sales for regional farmers and increase the supply and demand of locally grown foods.

Building Louisville’s Local Food Economy,
Louisville, Kentucky (2007-2008)

Market Ventures, Inc., in partnership with Karp Resources, assisted the City of Louisville – Kentucky’s largest urban center – to develop strategies for increasing Kentucky farm income through expanded sales in thLville-fm-producee city. The project team studied Louisville’s existing food economy (including retail, wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing sectors), explored the present status of the region’s agriculture and agricultural initiatives, and identified high potential opportunities for expanding the sale of local foods. To explore farmer interest and capabilities, the team conducted focus groups with farmers in 13 neighboring counties. The team determined measurable outcomes for the selected strategies and is developing recommendations for targeted investments.

Based on this foundation of research, the team identified twelve high potential opportunities for expanding the sale of local foods. The team determined measurable outcomes for the selected strategies and developed recommendations for targeted public and private sector investments. Mayor Abramson endorsed the study’s findings and created a “fresh food initiative” that followed the recommendation to create a regional organization to implement the strategies.

Cooperative Marketing and Distribution Study,
Tioga County, New York (2004)


The Tioga County Department of Economic Development and Planning retained Karp Resources and Market Ventures, Inc. to investigate the potential for new cooperative distribution methods for area agricultural products. The study examined whether Tioga County’s small agricultural entrepreneurs hinder themselves from expanding their market because they cannot hurdle product distribution obstacles and to test the belief that, apart from commercial food processing facilities, there are other mechanisms by which county farmers and agricultural producers can productively and profitably get their goods to market. Planning methods included extensive interviews with farmers, distributors, supermarkets, and other buyers, and analysis of agricultural trends. As a result of the work, the County is developing resources to hire an agriculture “champion” to lead the area’s producers to the identified opportunities.

NYC Wholesale Farmers’ Market Feasibility Study,
New York, New York (2003-2007)

The NYC Wholesale Farmers’ Market addresses a critical gap in the region’s ability to meet the needs of farmers and wholesale buyers, including restaurants, retailers, and institutions. [link to project description, above]

Long Island Market Authority,
Riverhead, New York (2005-2006)

With Karp Resources, Market Ventures, Inc. developed a concept plan and conducted feasibility analysis for a new food and wine center in Riverhead, New York, which is situated at the gateway to Long Island’s agriculturally diverse North and South Forks. The Market Center will promote Long Island’s farming, winemaking and seafood harvesting industries by providing education and marketing services to enhance their stature in the wholesale and retail marketplaces, emphasizing the local distinctiveness inherent of Long Island foods.

The following project was co- directed by Ted Spitzer as Principal of Public Market Partners:
Poughkeepsie Food Incubator,
Poughkeepsie, New York (1995)

The City of Poughkeepsie Partnership retained Public Market Partners to test the feasibility of creating a food processing incubator facility, which is intended to reverse the decline of downtown and generate new businesses. The concept includes storefront retail and shared manufacturing kitchens, bottling, packaging, and warehousing facilities, targeted at food producers throughout the Hudson Valley.

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