Development and operations
Market Ventures, Inc. has extensive experience in the development and operations of public markets as well as the food stores within public markets. This experience extends from weekly, open-air markets to daily, indoor market halls. Experience with vendor operations gives the firm insights into the challenges and opportunities for creating successful businesses within the public market environment.

Portland Public Market,
Portland, Maine (1995-2001)

PPMPlaza entrance

Following successful completion of its feasibility study in 2006, MVI was then retained to oversee all aspects of construction, leasing and marketing. Construction began in July, 1997 and the Market opened in October, 1998 with over 80% of space leased. MVI operated the Market under contract with the owner until October 2001. Each year the Portland Public Market reached its sales goals, the Market reached full capacity in 2000 and attracted a top New York City chef to develop a restaurant in the Market that featured Maine foods.

Among many honors, the Market won the 1999 Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence, the American Planning Association Award for Exemplary Economic Development, the International Downtown Association Merit Award for Economic Development, and the first ever AIA/HUD Community Building by Design Award.


Maine’s Pantry,
Portland, Maine (1996-present)

Ted Spitzer and his wife, Elena Morrow-Spitzer, own and operate Maine’s Pantry, a high-grossing specialty food store that was created in the Portland Public Market and expanded to a new location in downtown Portland in 2006. Maine’s Pantry features specialty foods from over 80 Maine farmers and small batch producers, as well as a selection of unique products from throughout the country. More information at

Farm to Market, Inc.,
Portland, Maine (2000-2001)

In response to vendor transitions within the Portland Public Market, Ted Spitzer established Farm to Market, Inc., a nonprofit corporation that operated fresh food stores within the public market until private owners could be identified. Farm to Market strengthened connections with Maine farmers and ensured a consistent supply of fresh meat, poultry, dairy and produce in the market. Experience running Farm to Market heightened MVI’s understanding of the potential and challenges of operating stores within the public market context.

Bronx Sunday Market and LaMarqueta Open-Air,
New York, New York (1992-1995)

As a principal of Public Market Partners, Ted Spitzer helped develop and operate the weekly, open-air Bronx Sunday Market and La Marqueta Open-Air, combination farmers’ markets and community events that included local craft vendors, community outreach services, and performances. The Markets were located in a park across from Bronx Borough Hall in the South Bronx and adjacent to the historic La Marqueta in East Harlem.


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